easy fall muesli

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I only recently started eating muesli after our family trip to Europe this summer. I’m not really surprised that I liked it based on my previous college obsession with overnight oats. If you don’t know what muesli is, it’s essentially a mix of rolled oats, dried fruit, nuts, and a bit of spice that you mix with milk or yogurt for an easy, delicious, and stress free breakfast.

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Bulletproof Turmeric Chai Latte

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Fall has always been my favorite season. Aside from my obsession with wool socks and all things pumpkin, it just feels so cozy to me. The leaves are changing and there’s that familiar crunch beneath your boots. The mornings are crisp, and require a scarf (which btw is my favorite accessory) but not much more. But then, you think for a minute and remember that winter is around the corner.. don’t go there. Anyways. Continue reading

Cardamom Orange Kubaneh from Molly on the Range

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If you haven’t ordered Molly Yeh’s cookbook Molly on the Range, then you better hurry on over to Amazon and monopolize on that two day prime shipping because this is one you don’t want to miss. I first started following Molly’s blog after discovering her adorable marzipan decorated cakes on Instagram. Have you seen this one? Or this one? SO cute. Her feed is filled with sprinkles and savory breakfast dishes and cute chickens – what’s not to love? Did I mention all the cakes and sprinkles!?

I didn’t need another cookbook in my collection but this one was hard to pass up. Molly on the Range is lighthearted and refreshing, filled with beautiful photos that will leave you drooling for more.  Continue reading

No Bake Pumpkin Bars


How crazy is it that it’s already October? I feel like I say that every single month but it amazes me how quickly the time seems to pass by. Soon enough I’ll be 30 and passing up nights out to watch Netlix and eat Boom-Chicka-Pop. Okay, so I already do that. Whatever. If you guys caught my date pumpkin bread last week, then you already know that I’ve kicked off fall flavor season and I’m not stopping now. Continue reading

Pumpkin Date Bread


It’s 6:00 AM and for some reason I’d way rather wake up early and sip coffee in the dark than try and be useful past 10 PM. In college, I used to set my alarm for 3:30 AM to study for O-Chem tests rather than try to stay up into the late hours of the night. Thank goodness I don’t have to do that anymore, but I’m still getting up early on the weekends for bike rides about 80% of the time. I don’t mind it – the thought of being done with your 4-5 hour ride by noon is pretty fabulous.

Sorry night owls, not trying to discriminate here. For those of you who aren’t morning people, this bread is perfect for on the go snacking or even a light breakfast.  Continue reading

Chickpea Blondies (GF!)


I recently made a pan of black bean brownies that were out of this world. Aside from the part where I could have eaten the entire pan in one sitting, I felt great about the fact that I was sneaking in some extra protein and my brain didn’t even know it. Since becoming a vegetarian, I’ve struggled to get enough protein in my diet – especially as an athlete. If you can bake with soy flour, or add beans into snacks that otherwise wouldn’t have them – it really helps. I’m also currently on the hunt for a plant based protein powder that doesn’t taste like chalk and have a billion grams of sugar so I will keep you posted on the results.

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Friday Food Favorites 9.9.16

It’s finally here, Dan and I are going to Chicago for his birthday! Remember a few weeks back when we were supposed to go but then we last minute went to Wilco instead? No? Well that’s okay. Long story short Southwest Airlines in the bomb.com for all your last minute life/flight cancelations and we changed our trip to this weekend. It might rain a little bit while we are there but I’m hoping for sun. Actually, I’ll take anything but rain at this point.

This week instead of sharing my favorites, I’m sharing all the Chicago restaurants we’re hoping to hit up. Follow me on Instagram at @danasedibleaffair to follow along on our foodie adventures. Have a great weekend!

The Chicago Diner – I’ve already decided that I’m going to order the biscuits and gravy. A cinnamon roll certainly sounds good though…

The Caribbean jerk kale salad from Native Foods has my name written allllll over it.

Dan wants to go to Sushi O Sushi one night as well. Looks like they’ve got a bunch of veggie rolls so life is good.

Upton’s Breakroom has got some breakfast tacos that I can’t pass up.

Handlebar also looks like it has some tasty options. Dan says it’s a trendy bar (?) but I’m really just concerned about the food. You guys know how it is.

Mana Food Bar (?) There are just so many places to try and so little time. I guess we will have to make another trip soon!

Rhubarb Graham Cracker Ice Cream


How on earth is it already September, you guys? It seems like the summer just flew by and soon enough I’ll be scraping ice off my car every morning through the Minnesota winter. Not. Fun.

We’ve been enjoying the last taste of summer with roasted veggies from the CSA, bike rides, and of course – ice cream. There are a couple places in the Twin Cities that you can get dairy free ice cream so we have been stopping there quite a bit. For those of you who are newer to the blog, I am lactose intolerant so dairy is a no go.

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Friday Favorite 8.26.16

It’s another round of Friday favorites and this week I’m obsessing over plants. I however, will kill just about anything that is green so that puts me in a bit of a conundrum. How do I put real plants in our house that has doesn’t have a lot of natural light that are also very low maintenance? So, I’ll probably spend a bunch of money on plants I have no business buying over labor day weekend and then half of them will die. More to come on that note.

This weekend I’m in Green Bay visiting my family and celebrating my little sister’s birthday. I’ve been tasked with making a Harry Potter themed cake so that should be interesting given my lack of cake decorating skills. This ombre cake I whipped out last year is probably the best I can do.

this week’s favorites:

I snagged this beautiful pillow in a flash sale last night. It was so hilarious, I recruited my 13 year old sister to help me refresh, refresh, refresh and then frantically comment. BUT we got the last one, so I’m not even ashamed about it.

These examples of IKEA hacks for a cluttered entryway. I was given explicit instructions not to let our apartment turn into an IKEA warehouse.. but I still think these are good.

Flights to Europe for $300? I’m not sure if I believe this but I’ll be sure to check it out the next time I’m planning a trip. And if you’re wondering, I’m totally okay with flying crappy airlines that might get delayed as long as I don’t have to pay much. But then again, I don’t have any kids sooo, it’s a bit easier.

Anybody else ready for fall? I’m already drooling over pumpkin recipes like this one and waiting for sweater weather. These look pretty good, too.

Speaking of fall flavors, this ravioli from ohladycakes looks heavenly. YUM.

That’s a wrap, have a great weekend!